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frequently asked questions

  • Are the routes marked or GPS?

    All routes are marked with white boards and red arrows. These are different to normal farm markings, please do not follow normal farm arrows. NEVER CROSS ANY DANGER TAPE!

  • Can I ride my e-bike?

    You are welcome to ride your e-bike. * Please note though that we do not have an official e-bike category, all e-bikes will be seeded in batch D or lower and e-bikes must be declared when entering. 

  • How old do I have to be?

    We advise 16 years or older for the 50km
    For the 35km 12 - 16 years
    For the 20km 8 - 12 years 

  • What if it rains?

    Generally, our grass grows greener. 

    In terms of the event, there is nothing the organisers can do about rain. It is the nature of outdoor events and we will do everything in our power to make sure the ride still goes ahead safely come rain or shine. It is mountain biking after all...

    For your further peace of mind, the team at Northern Farm have spent the last 10 months building extra drainage to make sure our trails do not flood.

  • Is this a CSA event?

    This event is not organised by CSA, but it is endorsed and follows all CSA guidelines.

  • When will I receive my race info?

    All race info is only sent out around Thursday afternoon ahead of the race. We first wait until all entries are in, then we need to wait for seeding to be completed and only then can we send you the info you require.

  • Can I swap batches

    Once batches have been selected you will not be able to change forward, you will only be able to drop back.  A 2 hour time penalty will be enforced on anybody found to be jumping forward. This will further effect any seedings you have negatively.

  • Can I substitute?

    Yes, you can substitute until 72 hours prior to the event, you will need to provide consent from the person being replaced. Kindly email your details with the consent to


  • What is our refund policy?

    I have to pull out for some reason. What is the refund policy? 

    Please see our refund tiers and periods below : -
    Outside of 45 days from the event. 50% refund 45 - 14 days from the event. 25% refund within 14 days of the event. No refund. You can however sell your entry to somebody wishing to substitute in. You will need to follow our online substitution process, this applies until 72 hours prior to the race, there after we cannot make changes as seeding is applied. We do ask that you do not ride under another riders name, in the case of an injury we will not be able to assist you in this case.

  • I don't have a seeding, now what?

    You do not have to have a seeding to race. If you are not seeded, you will be placed into one of the later batches. Seeding is earned through taking part in various events, we will respect that right which has been earned by those who have shown their goods in other events.

  • Can the event be cancelled?

    If for any reason beyond our control the event is forced to cancel the race due to severe weather conditions, pandemic, act of God or insurrection or fires that puts riders’ safety at risk, the riders will not have any claim against the organisers or any of their sponsors of whatsoever nature in these circumstances. Garmin MTB Classic reserves the right to change the route for inter alia, safety and security reasons without notice. If the Garmin MTB Challenge is cancelled in total as a last resort due to events beyond our control (force majeure) – relating to, inter alia, political turmoil, natural disasters, strikes, protest action or any other major disturbance beyond our control, riders will have no claim whatsoever including but not limited to a refund against the organisers or any of their sponsors. This will include entry fees and or flights and other expenses. We will do everything in our power to reroute and to run the event in a safe and secure manner should any event of force majeure arise.

  • When will photos be ready?

    Our photographers take around a week to process and edit all the event images. When this is done, we will send you an sms and email with a link to images.

    Thank you for your patience in this regard.