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Thank you for taking part in the Garmin MTB Classic. As part of your race entry you do receive a 15% discount voucher on Garmin products through Garmin South Africa. Please take a read through the details below to see how to claim your voucher and be on your way to enjoying a fantastic Garmin product.

– The Offer entails a 15% (fifteen percent) discount off the recommended retail price on
fitness, wellness, and outdoor devices but excludes all accessories.

– Participants will be required to visit Garmin’s Website and select the Devices they wish to
purchase. Participants can use the Unique Savings Code (MTB-Classic-2023) only once,
against one single device/product of their choice during the period of 29 September 2023
and 29 October 2023.

– When the Member clicks on “SUBMIT ORDER” they will need to complete Garmin’s online
order form and enter their Unique Savings Code.

– Once the Member’s order has been submitted to Garmin, Garmin will within 2 (two)
Business Days provide the Member via e-mail with an invoice and payment details for the
EFT to be made.

– Members will need to make payment of the relevant invoice through EFT.

– Once the Member’s EFT has been cleared, Garmin will deliver the Member’s order to them
with no delivery charges within 5 (five) Business Days. Delivery to physical addresses only.

– The discount Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Garmin Promotional Offers.

– The Offer is subject to the availability of stock.

– Garmin recommends that all orders and return queries be primarily directed to to avoid delays.