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let's get you ready to ride

Please take a read through the information below to help you prep for the event.


    50km 06:40
    35km 07:30
    20km 08:10
    10km kiddies 07:10

    Please plan to arrive 45 minutes prior to your start, start times may be adjusted on the day.


    You will be provided a board, you do not need to bring your own.

    Board collection will be on the morning of the event at Northern Farm from 06:00am. Gates to the farm will open at 06:00am

    The event is timed with chips on the back of the boards, please do not bend or place the board against your board as this may obscure the chip timing.

  • Seeding

    The event is seeded by SAS, your batch will be sent to you by Thursday 21st of September at 15:00.

    If you would like to be reseeded for the event, you will need to email by 11:00 am on the 22nd of September 2023 with proof of results from another event. No batch swaps will be permitted on the day of the event.

  • prize giving

    Prize giving will be held at the event at around 10:00. The prize giving may be delayed to allow for a greater portion of the field to complete the ride.

    Prize winners must be present at the event.

  • Is this a CSA event?

    This event is not organised by CSA, but it is endorsed and follows all CSA guidelines.

  • GPX files

    These will be made available here from Thursday the 21nd of September.

  • food and beverage

    There is ample food and beverage available onsite after the race for you to kick back and relax with.

  • What if I ordered a shirt

    Your shirts will be available for collection at the event. We do ask that you only collect these after your ride to assist with keeping the flow of the morning smooth.

    You will be able to collect from the number collection stand.

  • event timing

    The event will be timed live, you will be able to view your times on the website through the results button.


    Kindly note that substitutions will close on Wednesday the 20th of September at 13:00. There after we can no longer do a substitution.

your event seeding : -

Understanding seedings, seedings are earned through participation in various events. If we do not use a system, a slower rider can and will get ahead of you on a single trail and hold you up. We take it seriously and use SAS to seed the event. If your seeding is off below, it may be because you never input your ID number when you registered and or maybe you have not taken part in an event in a while.

We can assist with seeding inquiries until 11:00 am on the 22nd of September 2023. Any inquiries or changes will require that you present sufficient evidence in the form of previous results. No changes will be made on the day. Please email

Any changes to the batching will result in a 1 hour time penalty.